The Cluns minimalist watches brand is inspired in a sheep of the Clun forest, Clunsheep. Clun is a small village situated in the very green England. This specific sheep has very characteristic features: its body is white and its head is black. Cluns watches, just like the sheep, symbolises exclusivity, peculiarity and elegance. This is our core essence: a watch that is elegant, modern with a retro vibe and lots of personality.


A Cluns watch is high quality watch with an affordable price so you don't have to worry about time because now you can get the time for less.

From a whimsical and playful destiny Cluns minimalist watches were born. Just like in a vast forest where two clunsheep, belonging to two different herds far away from each other, are happily grazing when suddenly they feel a strong urge to leave their respective herd and embark in new adventures together. With the knowledge that they won't be doing it on their own they realised that on the other side of the forest there is a soul mate with the same dreams. This is the beginning of their journey full of hopes and the the dream to create something as big as the forest where they live.

In every path there are big stones on the way to overcome and shades where we can take shelter and rest, but this journey becomes a great one when we have someone, a life partner, whom is always besides us given their support. This idea is what Cluns is based on, a mutual support that develops into building a dream into reality together. From the union of our two beings and minds came the desire to create fashion, to submerge in this world of structure and colour where good taste, elegance and affordability are our drive.

Be time, be happy, be Cluns.